Little Stars aims to be the leading preschool to prepare today's children to become tomorrow's innovators and leaders, by utilizing engaging hands-on STEAM and play-based learning.


Our mission is to help children develop a love of learning through play, inculcate and build a foundation for independence, cultivate social and emotional development, and enable academic growth.


Our goal at Little Stars Play School is to introduce children to the joys of education, and prepare them not only for kindergarten, but for a life full of wonder and learning. It is our mandate to teach our children not only the common core standards, but it is our passion to exceed those standards and let our children learn without limits.

Welcome to Little Stars Play School

The school adopts the Montessori Method of teaching, aiming for the fullest possible development of the whole child, ultimately preparing one for life's many rich experiences. Montessori is based on the philosophy of education based upon actual observations of children. Children pass through sensitive periods of development early in life.

It is described that the child's mind between the time of birth and six years of age as the "absorbent mind". It is during this stage that a child has a tremendous ability to learn and assimilate from the world around him, without conscious effort. During this time, children are particularly receptive to certain external stimuli.

Shrividhya Sasikumar
CEO & Founder